Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

  • How do we get an assessment?

    Usually a referral is sent by the GP through to the Disability Support Link DHB so that an assessment can be completed by one of their assessors. This assessment once completed and generally involves the input of a Geriatrician is sent to the DSL co-ordinator for approval.

  • What is the criteria for the daily costs to be subsidised?

    People are allowed to have just under $220,000 in total assets. If they have more than this they will be privately funded. If however they have less than this they will be subsidised for their care. When subsidy is approved, they will still receive about $90 per fortnight into their own account then most of their pension (superannuation) will be diverted to the care home and the Ministry of Health will pay the rest. When applying for subsidy you have 90 days to submit your application to WINZ who will make this assessment. While we are able to help guide you to the right departments, unfortunately we are unable to assist you with the actual application process.

  • Do we have to sell our parents’ house to fund their care?

    Usually – No. If someone is classified as being a private paying resident there are options for funding their care if they don’t want to sell their house. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to talk to us about your personal situation.

  • Can we use our own Doctor?

    It is preferable that our Doctor is used. Our facility is situated out of town and most doctors because of distance and time constraints may not be able to fulfil our requirements. Our Doctors are contracted to us, visit twice weekly and provide services e.g on call that other doctors cannot meet.

  • Do you have physiotherapy facilities?

    We are not a rehab unit but do have a contracted physio who assesses residents for their mobility guidelines and formulates a programme. A physio aid provides exercise and movement sessions which is extremely popular and fun. If a family wishes for their family member to have more intense physio then they are welcome to provide one of their choice at their expense.

  • What are the meals like at Assisi?

    We have lovely nutritious meals which are nicely presented. On admission a dietary profile is formulated for the likes /dislikes of the resident. We cater for all dietary needs and have access to a dietician as required.

  • Do the residents have activities?

    We have a Diversional Team Leader who leads a team of 6 staff. We have regular daily activities and several clubs e.g. knitters club, gardening club, men`s club, cooking club. We also use the philosophy of the Spark of Life which is important for those of our residents who may be affected by dementia. Resident’s preference for clubs and activities is noted by staff during the DT assessment.

  • How do I know that the care my relative as an individual is right?

    On admission, information is collected from families and any other sources e.g. hospital letters. This information and other assessments on day of admission e.g skin, pain, and others formulate a 72 hr assessment so staff are aware of the resident`s initial needs. However, within 3 weeks of admission many other assessments are performed and evaluated and this is formulated into an individual care plan that is specific to the needs of that resident. At time of admission families are given an appointment time to attend the care plan meeting so they are part of this process.

  • What is the staff/resident ratio work load in the hospital?

    Two C/G`s are responsible for 10 residents working in groups of two. Usually our residents are two person care for hygiene and transfers.

  • Do you have to be Catholic to come to Assisi?

    No, we are owned by the Sisters of Mercy and anyone who is aged over 65 and assessed as rest home or hospital level care can come to Assisi.